Crafting Clear Commit Messages with Conventional Commits

Discover the power of conventional commits to write better commit messages and improve the readability of your project.

Francesco Pastore
4 min readApr 29, 2024

In the daily life of a developer, committing code is one of the most common and important tasks. Each project typically has its own set of rules for how commit messages should be constructed.

However, the lack of any structure or standard for message commits can lead to confusion and a cluttered Git history, making it difficult to find a specific commit or for newcomers to join the project.

In this article, we see how to easily adopt the Conventional Commits specification for writing better commit messages in your projects.

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Conventional Commits

The Conventional Commits convention provides a framework of guidelines and style rules to improve the readability of your commits.

Following a common and standardized approach not only makes it simpler for developers to understand each other’s contributions but can also make it easier to search for specific commits.

Rather than following different commit formats in different projects, adhering to a single standard allows developers to move…



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